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Stolen violin recovered - London



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BTP officers have recovered a 317-year-old violin which was stolen from a passenger on the Gatwick Express.

A  51-year-old woman from London has been reported for theft in relation to the crime.

We originally appealed for information regarding the incident in March and are no longer looking to identify the woman shown in the CCTV images.

The theft of the Matteo Goffriller 1700 violin took place on the 6.30am service from London Victoria to Brighton on Friday 24 March this year.

The victim had boarded the train at Victoria and when she got off at Gatwick Airport she realised her violin was no longer on the overhead rack.

Following an investigation, the violin was located at a house in the North West area of London.

It was slightly damaged but has been safely returned to the owner.

Thank you to the public and media for all your help in this appeal. 

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