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“It’s only a matter of time before someone is killed” – Surge in rail trespass in Nottingham prompts police warning

British Transport Police officers fear a death could be imminent if teenagers and young people continue to risk their lives venturing onto the railway in Nottingham.
They say that despite recent warnings, over the past few weeks there has been a significant increase in the number of teenagers and young people risking their lives on the lines in the region.  
Over the past two days alone, 14 incidents of teenagers or children on the tracks running in front of trains and throwing things in the Nottingham area have been recorded.
Chief Inspector Stuart Middlemas said, “We are extremely worried that it’s only a matter of time before someone is killed.
“The number of children and young people trespassing on the railway is increasing despite our ongoing work to deter them.
“At the beginning of the Easter holidays we launched a national campaign with Network Rail to educate and warn people about the dangers, but despite this, young people are still risking their lives, thinking it will never happen to them. It can and it will if our warnings aren’t heeded.
“We are continuing to do all we can to keep youngsters safe by patrolling areas where we know they’re likely to trespass and prevent them from doing so. 
“However, we cover thousands of miles of track and we cannot tackle this issue alone. That is why we are urging parents and young people to listen and take a reality check when it comes to trespass. It’s not a game: they are real tracks, with real trains and real-life consequences.
“My officers have the incredibly difficult job of having to knock on someone’s door to tell them their son or daughter isn’t coming home and believe me it’s heart-breaking and soul destroying for families. Please don’t let it be your door they knock on next, please ask your children where they are playing and warn them about the dangers today, before it’s too late.”
Recent incidents over the last few days - 
Colwick – six teenagers ran across the tracks in front of a fast moving train. One with a bike. The driver had to perform an emergency stop and was left shaken following the incident.
Netherfield Junction – Two children were seen playing under a railway bridge

Alfreton – Two teenagers seen trespassing on the track near Cotes Park 

Bennerley Viaduct – five teenagers seen sat next to the tracks on the line 

King’s Mill Level Crossing, Mansfield – A train driver reported a small child aged between 8-10 on railway line. The driver applied the emergency brake.

Carlton – Stones thrown at a train between Stoke Lane and Carlton level crossings.

Mansfield – Three teenagers climbed the embankment next to the track and sat on the railway bridge

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