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Jail for Staffordshire station bike thief

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Court Result

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A man who stole a bike from a station in Staffordshire and trespassed on the tracks has been jailed for 14 weeks.

Darren Wayne Johnson, 39, stole a Carrera Valour bike from the cycle rack at Burton upon Trent on 4 January this year.  A few days later on the 11 January he was seen back at the station trespassing on the tracks by the station supervisor.

Johnson, of Byrkley Street in Burton upon Trent, was identified through station CCTV and arrested in connection with both incidents. The court heard how he had used a handsaw to cut the lock of the bike before removing it from the racks and riding it away.

He was handed a 14 week jail term and ordered to pay £409.96 victim compensation, a £40 fine in relation to the trespass and £280 court costs at Central and South West Staffordshire Magistrates’ Court on the 23 March. 

PC Philip Burn said, “After initially offering no comment to our questions throughout his interview, indisputable CCTV evidence then linked Johnson to the theft of the bike. 
“While Johnson is behind bars sadly opportunist bike thieves are still out there and we would remind cyclists to always ensure their bikes are well secured in designated areas when leaving them at stations. If you have saved to buy an expensive model then it’s worth investing in a top notch lock to prevent it being stolen.”

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