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Man sentenced for sexual offences on the London Underground

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Court Result

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A man has been sentenced to 16 weeks in prison, suspended for 24 months, for sexual offences committed on the London Underground over a period of three years.

Laszlo Szigili, aged 48, of Watford Way, Hendon, London, pleaded guilty at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on 14 March to three counts of outraging public decency.

The incidents happened between September 2014 and January 2017 on trains on the Northern Line and Central Line in London.

On three separate occasions, Szigili boarded a train and when he was alone in a carriage with women who were travelling on their own, he took his trousers off, exposed himself and touched himself inappropriately in front of them.

He did this whilst the trains were travelling between stations so that the women could not get off the train until the next stop.

The victims reported the incidents to BTP and following the incident in January2017, Szigili was arrested.

Whilst in custody he was recognised by a BTP officer as an outstanding suspect for two similar offences committed in 2014 and 2015.

He was charged on Valentine’s Day this year.

Szigili pleaded guilty at Westminster Magistrates’ Court and was sentenced at the same court on Monday (3/4) to 16 months’ imprisonment suspended for 24 months for each count, to be served consecutively,  ordered to participate in a Community Sex Offender Group programme, given a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) for three years and ordered to pay a victim surcharge and court costs of £170 in total.

The SHPO prohibits Szigili from undoing or removing any item of clothing below the waist whilst on board any form of public transport, unless he is using on board toilet facilities with the door locked. He must not touch himself in any way that would be considered lewd or obscene whilst on board any public transport.

Investigating officer, Det Con Allan McTaggart, said: “We treat every crime of this type extremely seriously and as this case demonstrates, we regularly review historical crimes. We remain committed to bringing offenders to justice no matter the timescales involved. We are committed to making the London underground a hostile environment for criminals, particularly those who commit sexual offences against the travelling public.”

Steve Burton, TfL’s Director of Enforcement and On-Street Operations, said: “All our passengers have the right to travel without fear or intimidation and as this case highlights, those who commit unwanted sexual acts like Szigili will be caught and brought to justice. We do not tolerate this type of unacceptable behaviour on our network and are working closely with police to stamp it out. I urge anyone who experiences it to report it to police - your report matters, will be taken seriously and used by police to build a picture of the offender, so they can be caught and brought to justice.”

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