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Football hooligan handed Football Banning Order after station violence – Glasgow



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A 45-year-old man from Edinburgh has been handed a one year Football Banning Order as a consequence of his aggressive behaviour last year. 

Daniel Purves, who is a Hibernian supporter, was returning from the Scottish League Cup final at Hampden Park on Sunday 13 March last year. Just before 7.30pm, Purves was in Glasgow Queen Street station where he was singing and jeering in a loud and anti-social manner. 

Police officers approached Purves and asked him to settle down – he ignored this request and became hostile and aggressive towards officers. 

Purves, in his intoxicated state, verbally abused the officers and resisted arrest.

Purves pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court on Tuesday 31 January for a charge under the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications Act. He was sentenced at Glasgow Sheriff Court on Monday (27/2). 

Investigating officer PC Alan Kavanagh from British Transport Police, said: “Because of his boisterous and belligerent behaviour, Purves will be banned from watching his team – or any other team – for the next year. 

“We are committed to making the railway a pleasant and safe environment for the public to use. This kind of reckless and senseless hostility is inexcusable and we will work hard to ensure it is stamped out. 

“I am pleased that a Football Banning Order was granted in this case, I hope this serves as a timely reminder to other troublemakers about the potential consequences of their actions.” 

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