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Four men sentenced to a total of 42 years in prison following attacks on ATM machines

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Martyn Williamson

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Four men have been sentenced to a total of 42 years in prison, collectively after they were involved in attacks on ATM machines.

Andrew Bransome, 40, of Lancastrian Road, Wallington, Surrey, Malcolm Jervis, 53, of Vignoles Road, Romford, Essex, Louis Golding, 45, of Ray Lodge Road, Woodford Green, and Martyn Williamson, 44, of Dornford Gardens, Coulsdon, Surrey, appeared before Blackfriars Crown Court to be sentenced for charges of conspiracy to burgle and conspiracy to cause explosions likely to endanger life or cause serious injury to property.

This investigation named Operation Transit by British Transport Police was a linked series of attacks on ATMs situated in railway station premises in south London and the Home Counties – Surrey, Sussex and Essex.

The attacks were carried out over a two year period with the use of angle grinders and a mixture of various gasses, which were pumped into the ATMs via the cash dispensing slot, and ignited using petrol, causing an explosion allowing access to the money contained within.

These attacks resulted in the theft of cash in excess of £150,000, with the cost of damage to ATMs and buildings in the region of £50,000.

The men, who had been under surveillance for several months, were arrested on May 6 last year. Bransome, Jervis and Golding were arrested whilst travelling in convoy on the A3 in Surrey. They were returning from a failed attempt to blow up the ATM at Weybridge railway station. Williamson was arrested later the same morning at his home address in Wallington.

All four men were charged with conspiracy to burgle and remanded in police custody. The men were also charged with conspiracy to cause explosions likely to endanger life or cause serious injury to property.

Bransome and Golding pleaded guilty to both counts; Jervis pleaded guilty to conspiracy to burgle and was subsequently convicted of conspiracy to cause explosions by a jury. Williamson pleaded guilty to both counts on day one of the trail on October 31 last year.

Investigating officer DC Gary Beckwith said: “In short this was serious organised criminality committed by professional career criminals over a lengthy period which put the public at serious risk of death or injury which is reflected by the sentences handed down by the judge.”

Notes to Editor

Below is the table of events
No Date Location
1 4th March 2014 Weybridge railway station
2 19th April 2014 South Croydon railway station
3 17th May 2014 South Croydon railway station
4 18th May 2014 Wallington railway station
5 3rd June 2014 Thornton Heath railway station
6 1st Jan 2015 South Croydon railway station
7 21st Nov 2015 Burgess Hill railway station
8 27th Nov 2015 Gipsy Hill railway station
9 1st Dec 2015 East Grinstead railway station
9 2nd Dec 2015 East Grinstead railway station
10 13th Dec 2015 Norbury railway station
11 20th Dec 2015 Witham railway station
12 23rd Dec 2015 South Croydon railway station
13 26th March 2016 Gipsy Hill railway station
14 5th May 2016 Weybridge railway station

Andrew Bransome received 12 years’ imprisonment
Malcolm Jervis received 16 years’ imprisonment
Louis Golding received 10 years and 8 months’ imprisonment
Martyn Williamson received 4 years’ imprisonment

All four men were sentenced at Blackfriars Crown Court on Friday 3 February.

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Andrew Bransome

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Gipsy Hill booking hall

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Gipsy Hill station.JPG

Gipsy Hill station ATM

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Louis Golding

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Malcolm Jarvis

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