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Tracked down and jailed: The sexual assault suspect who challenged police to “come and find me”

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Peter Wilcock

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A man sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl, went into hiding and told police they would have to come and find him.

So that’s exactly what we did.

Five months after committing the offence, our officers’ hard work paid off and Peter Wilcock was arrested. He is now behind bars and will spend the next five years on the Sexual Offenders’ Register after pleading guilty to sexual assault by touching.

Wilcock first targeted his victim as she waited for her train at Prestatyn railway station on 22 February 2016. After telling her she was good looking and asking whether she had a boyfriend, he then followed her onto the train and sat next to her – despite the fact the carriage was empty.

Then, over the course of a traumatic 20-minute journey, he subjected her to a prolonged attack, including repeatedly forcing her to kiss him and touching her inappropriately on her leg and chest. He also told her on several occasions “you’re coming with me”.

In trying to track down and arrest 33-year-old Wilcock, officers managed to get hold of him on the phone but he wasn’t willing to co-operate and told them “you will have to find me”.

After a five-month game of cat and mouse, he was arrested in Bedfordshire on 3 August 2016 and subsequently charged.

Appearing at Mold Crown Court on Monday, 30 January, Wilcock, of no fixed abode, was sentenced to 10 months’ imprisonment and handed a five-year Sexual Offenders Notification Order.

Speaking after sentencing, investigating officer PC Rob Thomas said: “Wilcock took advantage of a vulnerable 16-year-old girl, even though she made it clear she wanted nothing to do with him.

“He thought that by moving around the country he could avoid being brought to justice. He was wrong, and is now serving a prison sentence for his actions.

“This should serve as a stark warning to other offenders that moving around the country to avoid detection is futile. We will find you and we will bring you before the courts.

“I’d like to commend the victim for having the courage to report what was clearly a harrowing ordeal. No-one should be subjected to unwelcome sexual behaviour on the rail network, or anywhere.

“We treat all offences of this nature extremely seriously and encourage anyone who has been a victim, or sees someone acting inappropriately, to get in touch immediately. We will listen and we will work tirelessly to bring the offender to justice.”

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