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High value violin returned to rightful owner

A 300-year-old, high value violin, which was left on a train, has been returned to its rightful owner.
Officers would like to thank members of the public with their help and assistance in trying to locate the instrument.
The investigation into the circumstances of how the violin was taken will continue.
Officers would like to request that all CCTV images relating to the press release be removed online.

Original appeal
Police appeal after 300-year-old violin left on train
British Transport Police officers are appealing for help after a 300-year-old violin was left on a train travelling from Waterloo rail station.

The incident happened on Monday, 22 August at about 6.50pm.

The owner, 37-year-old, Jane Gordon, an international prize winner from London, had been travelling from Waterloo. She put her violin, which was contained in a case, on the overhead luggage racks and mistakenly alighted the service at St Margarets station without it.

CCTV footage shows that the musical instrument remained on the racks for three hours before being removed by a passenger at Queenstown Road rail station.

Miss Gordon, who has played in world renowned concerts, said: “I would like the violin back I am due to play in the Proms concerts next week. I have had it for about four years and it’s like a member of my family, and the sound it makes is like a human voice. It is old and holds a lot of sentimental value to it. I am willing to offer a reward for the instrument if it is found. Please return it safely.”

Investigating officer Detective Constable Anthony Steaman said: “I am keen to speak to the two people in the CCTV images as I believe they may have vital information that could help with the investigation.

“Anyone with any information should contact British Transport Police as soon as possible citing the reference number below. I would urge anyone who may have the instrument to hand it into their local police station.”

The violin is a Maggini in a black case with a label ‘Gewa’ on the outside. There is a pouch outside the case which contains a blank envelope with strings inside, these are labelled La Folia. The instrument also has a distinctive wooden chin rest.

There are four bows and two are unusual looking, there is a small pouch at the end of the case, which contains asthma medication.

Anyone with any information should contact British Transport Police on 0800 40 50 40 or text 61016 citing reference 380 24/08/2016.

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