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Two Swansea fans handed 3-year match bans for on-train 'thuggery'

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  • Passengers terrified by fans' vile abuse and mindless aggression
  • Elderly man hit in face while others spat at
  • Behaviour described as "pure thuggery"
  • Pair now banned from attending football matches for 3 years


Two Swansea City fans have been banned from attending football matches for three years after terrorising passengers on two separate train journeys following an away match last season.

Josh David Evans, of Pant y Celyn Road, Townhill, and Shaun Michael Cook, of Dyfed Avenue, Swansea, both aged 22, were on their way home from the Bournemouth v Swansea game on Saturday, 12 March, when the incidents took place.

Having already been ejected from an earlier train by police officers at Bristol Temple Meads station due to their behaviour, they then caught a Swansea-bound service at Bristol Parkway, which contained some Welsh rugby fans returning from Twickenham. During the journey, they were shouting, swearing and singing offensive songs, which were clearly upsetting other passengers - particularly a woman and her young child. 

Their aggressive behaviour escalated and, after spraying a can of beer in the faces of a young couple in the same carriage, they began chanting anti-Cardiff songs before throwing a can of beer towards the group of rugby supporters. They then ran down the aisle towards them and began attacking them. During the melee, an elderly passenger was hit in the face, causing him to fall back into his seat, while others were spat at. 

Upon arrival at Cardiff Central, the train was met by police and our officers identified the men from the earlier incident at Bristol, and they were subsequently arrested.

In addition to the football banning orders, Evans and Cook - appearing at Cardiff Magistrates' Court on Wednesday, 22 June - were also ordered to pay £1,000 each for two separate public order offences after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing, while they were further fined £200 and £100 respectively for breach of a conditional discharge.

A third man - 23-year-old Scott Michael Willett, of Elphin Crescent, Swansea - was also ordered to pay £1,000 for two separate public order offences. All three men must also pay £85 court costs.

Inspector Jonathan Cooze from BTP said: "The behaviour of these men was nothing short of pure thuggery. A number of passengers - including children and young women - were terrified by what they had been forced to endure during the journey, with some of them tearful and visibly shaking with fear.

"Alcohol clearly played a part in their actions; Evans admitted afterwards he was so drunk, he couldn't even remember what had happened during the game or who had won. However, this in no way excuses their loutish and aggressive behaviour.

"No one should be subjected to the kind of vile abuse and mindless aggression displayed by these men. We take our responsibility to protect the travelling public very seriously, and that is why we applied for the banning order.

"While the vast majority of football fans behave in an exemplary manner, there is, unfortunately, a very small minority who are intent on causing trouble. I hope this case sends a clear message that we simply will not tolerate football-related disorder on the rail network.

"Evans and Cook won't be able to go and watch their beloved Swansea City - or any other team - for three years now, and I'd urge other troublemakers to think about the potential consequences of their actions and ask themselves: is it worth it? The answer, quite clearly, is no."

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